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Second Strike®…. Not just another ignition box!!

Second Strike is the only ignition system to provide a powerful second spark throughout the entire RPM range, unlike other multiple spark discharge systems, which typically drop off to one spark at about 3000 RPM. This micro controller based ignition supplements most inductive type systems (points, GM HEI, Ford TFI and Duraspark, Ignitor® and Ignitor II) with a powerful capacitive discharge second spark resulting in more complete combustion of the fuel/air mixture. Increased burn time at very high RPM levels also reduces misfires resulting in more peak horsepower and torque. No special distributor or coil is required. A simple five-wire hookup to your existing system completes the installation.

Second Strike's unique crank angle offset (CAO) feature permits you to time the second spark in crank angle degrees to occur after the primary spark with a simple external adjustment dial. A wide range of adjustment (2 to 18°) allows you to experiment with the CAO that works best for your engine's performance or your driving profile. The CAO feature can be operated while the engine is running to assist experimentation for optimum settings.

A digital rev limiter protects the engine from possible overrev conditions. Using the random spark stealing method, which reduces popping, banging and engine stress, you can easily set limits with a simple external dial. Second Strike comes standard with an output compatible with most modern tachometers requiring no interface adapters.


Part Number 500

Second Strike
Instruction Sheet